Dragonwings – Lost in Burbank, CA


Can’t believe that I left my work in progress Dragonwings by a bench in front of a store (Zamba?) on North San Fernando Blvd, Burbank, CA one evening in November, last year.  I picked this project out of my WIP stash on this trip and carried it with me all the time.  I realized that I left it in downtown Burbank the next day while I was on my way back to the nothern CA.

I certainly hope that the person found it, if s/he has no use this partially finished Dragonwings, would find this post and contact me.  Otherwise, s/he can finish it and I hope my project could provide some pleasure and fun to that person.

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Stand with Frame


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My Tool – The Clips I Use

Q-Snap clip is at the bottom.  Binder clip is on the right, and plastic hooks are on the top of the frame.  The frame is sitting on the stand.  On the upper left corner, there are a couple of the Greek alphabet Omega shape hooks in white color work out fine for me.  They are probably designed to hold pipe/tube/wire onto the wall or whatever.  They cost a few pennies and snugly hold the fabric for me.  The frame in the picture is the same size as the stand and could not really sit on the stand.  Instead of using L connectors, I replace them with T connectors on the 4 corners and add a couple of L connects to the Ts to extend the length so the frame can sit on the stand securely.

The Clips

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My Tool – The Stand I Use

Q-Snap Frame Stand

When I discovered Q-Snaps, I really like it and I was inspired – really inspired! 

I built a few different sizes of frames, with pvc pipes, to suit my project needs AND a stand too!  I even got holders (end of the connector) to hold my scissors, eye-glasses, etc.  I put my frame on the stand when stitching if I want to, and it’s very easy to just turn it over when I need to run my needle through in the back.   I can clamp all 4 sides of the frame, for smaller project, and adjust the tension on the fabric.  For large project, I prefer to only clamp the top and right-side of the frame so I can have the flexibility on the fabric to run my needle two holes each stitch (to keep my stitching hand on the surface/top of the fabric – hopefully a more efficient way to stitch, perhaps finishing my project in 1/2 time and effort !!!)  The benefits of this half clamped fabric is that the frame serves as extra pair of hands holding the large size fabric for me and my fabric is cleaner with less hand touching.

It’s not hard to build it.  I use the 1/2″ (for frame) & 3/4″ (for the stand) PVC pipes and connectors for the sprinkler system I bought from Home Depot and they cost me less then $15.   Just cut the pipe with a finer-tooth hand saw or a pair of pvc cutter, cut the pipes in desired lengths then just connect them with the connectors.  It’s so easy and is just like playing with toy Legos. 

I have to credit my local Ace Hardware store clerk for teaching me how to fix my sprinkler system when I could not get a repairman soon enough to solve my problem.   Unfortunately this store had to close recently because of much higher rent.

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WIP-Pompeij Garden Part 2

PG13 Part 2

This is beautiful every step of the way.  I love stitching this design.

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WIP – Pompeji Garden Part 1

PG13 Part 1

Finally, a small progress is made on this project.  This is only the part 1 of a 12 parts project.  My part 1 is about 95% finished.  There are some non-x stitches that I am not in the mood to do yet.  I like the way it looks now and have already moved into part 2 of the Pompeji Garden.

My winter hibernation break (November to January) is over now.  I am back to work world so I can pay3 college tuitions.  Stitching time is reduced but will not be eliminated.

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WIP: Dragonwings

dragonwingsAnother week of traveling, this time to Lake Tahoe, made me decided to start a relatively simple stitching project Dragonwings by Enchanting Lair.  Fabric is the Australian hand dyed Belfast 32 ct linen, Spice Blend: Autumn Glade by Stitches and Spice.  I use Plum color silk for the dragon part as suggested by Naomi of Stitches and Spice.  I love the free form of the dragon.  The purpleish silk on the soft cheerful colors of the dyed linen made it a real delight and simple to work on this project. 

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WIP: Pompeji Garden

Pompeji GardenPompeji Garden WIP

  1/14/2007      1/3/2007



The fabric is Teal Green Belfast 32 ct.

I did this part in my 10-day Miami, FL & Orangeburg, SC trip.  I lost my beading needle toward the end of the trip so the mosaique left unfinished.

This project has been a real challenge every step of the way so far.  

First of all, the very center part, the Jessica Stitch, took me sometime to figure out how to stitch it on the fabric correctly.  I tried 3 times just this part to get it done right and the color effect I wanted.  

I was not sure about my counting when I stitched the turquois blue boarder.  I used the transparent 32ct grid to help me.  The beads in my Mosaique were crooked at first.  I applied Wendy Causer’s beading technique to stitch beads, now they stay straight.

The dark color and 32 ct fabric makes it really difficult to see clearly and to count.  I finally figure out to use a magnifying glass and work in the daylight or real good lamp lighting.  Otherwise, mistakes occur just like a few of the beads are crooked when you look real closely.  Fortunately, I think I can fix those beads to make them straight.

Well, after all the fusses, I am really happy with my piece.  I think and hope it’s going to get easier.

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Pics Uploaded

WIP/UFO and Finishes pics have been uploaded to the PAGES section on the right-hand side column.  

There are 4 WIP/UFOs and 7 finishes photos for your viewing pleasure!

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My List of WIP/UFO

Here is my list:

1.  Pompeji GardenSee progress pics here
2.  Bliss FairySee progress pics here
3.  Egyptian SamplerSee progress pics here
4.  Pharoah’s PetSee progress pics here

I will post my WIP/UFO pics later. 

WIP is Work in Progress and UFO is Un-Finished Objects.  These are the new terms in the cross stitch world I just learned. I have friends who chase UFOs that are Unidentified Flying Objects.  Can’t wait to tell them about my UFOs and Area 51!

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